CCS 2018 British Columbia 8/9Ball Championships
Mens Singles 9Ball

Please enter your information to reserve your entry into the competition.
NOTE: Entry is NOT official until payment is received.

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Birth Date : (Format: Jan 1 2003)
* Birth Date Required for Juniors and Seniors Entries
Select the division you wish to play in:
(NOTE: You will not be allowed to play in a division lower than your current rank)

Entry and Registration Fees are: All - $100

Green Fee: All - $20. The tables will be open for free play at all times.

 All play is in one Finals Bracket.

A Advanced ranked players - must Race to 7
B Open ranked players - must Race to 6
C Standard ranked players - must race to 5

This schedule conflicts with the Scotch Doubles Event play. It is recommended that players do not enter both events, as no matches will be delayed for this reason.

Although labelled as a Mens Event, in the absence of a separate Event for women, they will be allowed to enter this Event. When playing against the Men, the Women's player rankings are lowered by one level (ie. from A to B and from B to C). This is also what happens when a woman plays in the Mens/Mixed Team Event.


To become a CCS PLAYER Member, an additional $50 MEMBER SANCTIONING FEE is required.

For CCS LEAGUE Members, this fee is NOT required as you are already a sanctioned Member.

Late Fee of $25 for entries RECEIVED Feb 3 to 16.

All Payments MUST be in the form of:

1.E-mail to through the INTERAC eTransfer service,


2. Bank Draft or Money Order made payable to:

CCS BC 8/9 Ball Championship

Entry to be returned to:

CCS BC 8/9 Ball Championship
S2B C19 Kaleden
V0H 1K0


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