CCS 2019 British Columbia 8/9Ball Championships
Singles 8Ball - All


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NameRankDivisionCity/ProvLeagueBirth DateEntry
Abraham, JeromeU UnrankedStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112  100303000160Jan 01Jan 01 0Pending
Al-mahdy, HamzahU UnrankedStandardPenticton , BCSOPL #112 100303000160Feb 11  0Pending
Ambang, DexterA AdvancedAdvancedVancouver, BCRollers PL #141 150303000210Jan 31  0Pending
Armstrong, AlanaU UnrankedStandardWinnipeg, MBCrazy 8 PL #407 100303000160Jan 29Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Arnouse, RyanB OpenOpenChase, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 125303000185Jan 22  0Pending
Arsenault, RonC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112  100303000160   0Pending
Banakas, JordanU UnrankedStandardDelta, BCBREAKERS PL #124 100303000160Jan 16Jan 09Jan 09160Approved
Baylis, PatrickC StandardStandardburnaby, BCBREAKERS PL #124 100303000160Jan 10  0Pending
Beaver, DougB OpenOpenKamloops, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 125303000185Jan 16Jan 01Jan 01185Approved
Beavis, JustinB OpenOpenCalgart, ABPPL#203 125303000185Feb 07  0Pending
Benoit, SteveC StandardStandardFort McMurray , ABFORT MCMURRAY PL #207 100303000160Jan 19  0Pending
Bolander, GrantC StandardStandardVernon, BCCCS 100303000160Feb 08Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Botlik, MarioC StandardStandardMaple Ridge, BCBREAKERS PL #124 100303000160Jan 30Jan 09Jan 09160Approved
Bowden, SteveC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112  100303000160Jan 01Jan 01 0Pending
Bracewell, MattB OpenOpenKamloops, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 125303000185Jan 30  0Pending
Brann, JeremyB OpenOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203 125303000185Feb 17  0Pending
Breukers, RichardC StandardStandardCampbell River , BCCVPL #137 100303000160Feb 07Jan 09Jan 09160Approved
Brown, JimB OpenOpenCampbell River , BCCVPL #137 125303000185Feb 07  0Pending
Burns, IanC StandardStandardchilliwack, BCChilliwack PL #142 100303000160Dec 22Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Buydens, KevinB OpenOpenQualicum Beach, BCComox Valley PL #137 125303000185Feb 15Jan 01Jan 01185Approved
Cairns, GreggA AdvancedAdvancedCalgary, ABPPL#203 150303000210Jan 04  0Pending
Calla, MikeB OpenOpenMaple ridge , BCOur Little League #155 125303000185Jan 07Jan 09Jan 09185Approved
Camille, Fred - 18BCU UnrankedOpenKamloops, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 125303000185Dec 20Dec 20Dec 20125Pending
CARLISLE, SHAWNB OpenOpenFALKLAND, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 125303000185Jan 29  0Pending
Chahil, PaulC StandardStandardKaleden, BCSOPL #112 100303000160Feb 07  0Pending
Chrobak, JimB OpenOpenPrince George, BCBlack Diamond Billiards #138 125303000185Jan 22Jan 01Jan 01185Approved
Copeman, JasonB OpenOpenSurrey, BCOur Little League #155 125303000185Jan 09Jan 01Jan 01185Approved
Copeman, MartyB OpenOpenCampbell River, BCCVPL #137 125303000185Feb 05  0Pending
DADDARIO, TONYU UnrankedStandardMaple Ridge, BCOur Little League #155 100303000160Jan 29  0Pending
Davidson, DonB OpenOpenPort Moody, BCOur Little League #155 125303000185Jan 17Jan 01Jan 01155Pending
Davies, TimC StandardStandardKamloops, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 100303000160Jan 29Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Denis, PhilB OpenOpenCalgary, ABPPL#203 125303000185Jan 04  0Pending
Dhanendran, RahulU UnrankedStandardVancouver, BCBREAKERS PL #124 100303000160Jan 21  0Pending
Donald, ClaytonC StandardStandardCastlegar, BC  1003030050210Jan 31  0Pending
Eckford, ShaunC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203 100303000160Jan 11Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Epp, RyanC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203 100303000160Nov 13  0Pending
Fabas, AndreB OpenOpenChilliwack, BC  1253030050235Feb 12Jan 01Jan 01235Approved
Fedirchuk, JaisonB OpenOpenVernon, BC  1253030050235Feb 06  0Pending
Forry, TrevorU UnrankedStandardWest Kelowna , BC  1003030050210Jan 29  0Pending
Frampton, CraigC StandardStandardKamloops, BC  1003030050210Jan 11  0Pending
Free, SteveB OpenOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203 125303000185Dec 06  0Pending
Frey, ChrisB OpenOpenprince george, BC  1253030050235Feb 14Jan 01Jan 01235Approved
Garcia, Marcelino - 18BCU UnrankedAdvancedVancouver , BCRollers PL #141 150303000210Dec 20Dec 20Dec 20150Pending
Gardner, GlennC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203  100303000160Jan 30Jan 30Jan 30160Approved
Gelinas, GeoffB OpenOpenAirdrie, ABAirdrie FIFO PL #240 125303000185Jan 27Jan 01Jan 01160Pending
Gryb, SashaU UnrankedStandardDelta, BCBREAKERS PL #124 100303000160Jan 18Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Ham, TomU UnrankedOpenMaple Ridge, BCOur Little League #155 125303000185Jan 21Jan 01Jan 01185Approved
Harksen, TrentU UnrankedStandardVernon, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 100303000160Feb 07Jan 09Jan 09160Approved
Harms, TedA AdvancedAdvancedCalgary, ABPPL #203 150303000210Jan 02Jan 02Jan 02210Approved
Haydu, BradC StandardStandardAbbotsford, BCMission PL #129 100303000160Feb 02  0Pending
Hernandez, StevenU UnrankedStandardCastlegar, BC  1003030050210Jan 31  0Pending
Hiltz, LyleC StandardStandardPenticton , BCSOPL #112 100303000160Jan 01Jan 01 125Pending
Hird, MikeU UnrankedStandardAirdrie, ABAirdrie FIFO PL #240 100303000160Feb 04Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Hite, KaneB OpenOpenPitt Meadows, BCMission PL #129 125303000185Jan 14Jan 09Jan 09185Approved
Hoffman, DanC StandardStandardPrince George, BCBlack Diamond Billiards #138 100303000160Feb 13Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Hoko, ReganA AdvancedOpenKimberley, BCCRANBROOK PL #102 125303000185Jan 09Jan 01Jan 01185Approved
Hunt, KimC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112  100303000160   0Pending
Hymers, RobU UnrankedStandardCranbrook, BCCranbrook PL #102 100303000160Feb 04  0Pending
Jackson, ChrisC StandardStandardVancouver, BCBREAKERS PL #124 100303000160Jan 23  0Pending
Jacobs, TonyB OpenOpenTsawwassen, BCBREAKERS PL #124 125303000185Jan 23Jan 01Jan 01185Approved
James, TerenceB OpenOpenNEW WESTMINSTER, BCRollers PL #141 125303000185Feb 01  0Pending
Joe, MarvB OpenOpenTsawwassen, BCBREAKERS PL #124 125303000185Jan 11Jan 01Jan 01185Approved
Jolliffe, JeffB OpenOpenCalgary, ABPPL#203 1253030250210Jan 04Feb 10Feb 10185Approved
Jones, KyleB OpenOpenKelowna, BCCCS Member 125303000185Dec 30  0Pending
Joyce, TomB OpenOpenSurrey, BCBREAKERS PL #124 125303000185Feb 03  0Pending
Kaskamin, JohnnyC StandardStandardFort McMurray, ABFORT MCMURRAY PL #207 1003030250185Feb 03Feb 02Feb 02160Approved
Klos, AndyC StandardStandardMission, BCMission PL #129 100303000160Jan 29Jan 09Jan 01130Pending
Koverko, AndrewB OpenAdvancedKamloops, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 150303000210Jan 21  0Pending
Kruger, NickA AdvancedAdvancedPenticton, BCSOPL #112  150303000210Jan 01Jan 01 0Pending
Kwan, RoyceC StandardStandardFort McMurray, ABFORT MCMURRAY PL #207 100303000160Jan 19Jan 19Jan 19160Approved
Lalonde, JamesC StandardStandardCourtenay, BCComox Valley PL #137 100303000160Feb 13Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Landwehrs, MickU UnrankedOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203  125303000185Jan 21  0Pending
Lane, GeorgeC StandardOpenVancouver, BCCCS Member 125303000185Jan 08  0Pending
Leach, MikeU UnrankedAdvancedKelowna, BCSkreemon Deemons 150303000210Feb 08  0Pending
LeCaine, FredU UnrankedStandardWinnipeg , MBCrazy 8 Pool League #407 100303000160Jan 09Jan 09Jan 09160Approved
Lepp, EdC StandardStandardWhitehorse , YTPorter Creek Billiards #1401 100303000160Feb 05  0Pending
Lionello, RobC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112  100303000160   0Pending
Lockwood, DaveC StandardStandardLangley , BCOur Little League #155 100303000160Jan 06Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Lovett, MikeU UnrankedStandardMission, BCMission PL #129 100303000160Jan 24Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Mackay, LakeA AdvancedAdvancedVancouver , BCRollers #141 150303000210Jan 01Jan 01 0Pending
Mak, PaulB OpenOpenBurnaby , BCRollers PL #141 125303000185Feb 01  0Pending
Mapatac, MarkC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203  100303000160Jan 15  0Pending
Marier, PaulC StandardStandardPowell river, BCPowell River 8 Ball PL #133 100303000160Jan 26  0Pending
Markiewicz, RichardC StandardStandardDelta, BCBREAKERS PL #124 100303000160Feb 11  0Pending
Martel, KenU UnrankedOpenKamloops, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 125303000185Jan 01Jan 09Jan 09185Approved
Matthew, MikeC StandardStandardKamloops, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 100303000160Dec 29Jan 09Jan 09160Approved
McAra, ShawnB OpenOpenChilliwack, BCChilliwack PL #142 125303000185Feb 03Jan 01Jan 01185Approved
McCredie, GrahamU UnrankedStandardPenticton , BCSOPL #112 100303000160Dec 22Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
McCulloch, BrianC StandardStandardKamloops, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 100303000160Feb 04Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
McGonegal, MattC StandardStandardcanmore, ABCanmore 8 Ball PL #214 100303000160Sep 21Jan 09Jan 09160Approved
McKenzie, ChrisC StandardStandardfort mcmurray, ABFORT MCMURRAY PL #207 100303000160Feb 02Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
McLauchlan, BrysonC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112 100303000160Feb 07  0Pending
Merrett, RickB OpenOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203  125303000185Jan 16Jan 01Jan 01185Approved
Moore, ChrisC StandardStandardPowell River, BCPowell River 8 Ball PL #133 100303000160Feb 02  0Pending
Nendsa, HansU UnrankedStandardMission, BCMission PL #129 100303000160Jan 30Jan 09Jan 09160Approved
Newman, JustinU UnrankedStandardAirdrie, ABAirdrie FIFO PL #240 100303000160Jan 27Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Nielsen, BjørnU UnrankedStandardMISSION, BCMission PL #129 100303000160Jan 21  0Pending
Nielsen, JensC StandardOpenLangley , BCOur Little League #155 125303000185Jan 22  0Pending
North Peigan, JoeC StandardStandardCalgary, AB  1003030050210Dec 30  0Pending
Paterson, MicaU UnrankedStandardAirdrie, ABAirdrie FIFO PL #240 100303000160Jan 30Jan 09Jan 09160Approved
Pilon, AlanU UnrankedOpenPenticton, BCSOPL #112 125303000185Feb 09  0Pending
Place, SteveU UnrankedStandardMission, BCMission PL #129 100303000160Jan 29Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Pochay, RileyB OpenOpenKamloops, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 125303000185Jan 15Jan 09Jan 09185Approved
Popadynetz, LarryC StandardOpenKamloops, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 125303000185Jan 11Jan 01Jan 01185Approved
Power, DougU UnrankedStandardDelta , BCOur Little League #155 100303000160Dec 01Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Prasad, RonC StandardStandardBurnaby, BCBREAKERS PL #124 100303000160Jan 29Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Pylvainen, HenryU UnrankedStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203  100303000160Jan 23Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Ramsay, JackA AdvancedAdvancedPENTICTON, BCSOPL #112 150303000210Feb 05  0Pending
Randhawa, RajU UnrankedStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112  100303000160Jan 01Jan 09 0Pending
Rehaume, NoelC StandardStandardMaple Ridge, BCOur Little League #155 100303000160Jan 03Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Robitaille, OlivierC StandardStandardWhitehorse, YTPorter Creek Billiard #1401 100303000160Feb 04  0Pending
Russell, JulianB OpenOpenFort Mcmurray , ABFORT MCMURRAY PL #207 125303000185Dec 19Jan 01Jan 01185Approved
Salvati, TonyC StandardStandardkamloops, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 100303000160Jan 13  0Pending
Sanjivi, GaneshU UnrankedStandardNelson, BC  1003030050210Jan 31  0Pending
Scholton, JayA AdvancedAdvancedPrince George, BCBlack Diamond Billiards #138 150303000210Jan 31Jan 01Jan 01180Approved
Scott, MichaelC StandardStandardLangley, BCOur Little League #155 100303000160Feb 01Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Senchar, SergeA AdvancedAdvancedParksville , BCComox Valley PL #137 150303000210Feb 07  0Pending
Simpson, ShawnB OpenOpenEdmonton, ABFORT MCMURRAY PL #207 1253030250210Jan 09Feb 02Feb 02185Approved
Smith, ClarkC StandardStandardChilliwack, BCMission PL #129 100303000160Jan 19  0Pending
Smith, MervinU UnrankedStandardSurrey, BCMission PL #129 100303000160Jan 29Jan 09Jan 09160Approved
Spence, GaryC StandardStandardPitt Meadows, BCOur Little League #155 100303000160Jan 23Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Spence, Joe - 18BCU UnrankedAdvancedCalgary , ABPPL #203 150303000210Dec 20Dec 20Dec 20150Pending
Stanyer, RonC StandardStandardWhitehorse, YTPorter Creek Billiards #1401 100303000160Nov 06Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Strachan, ColinU UnrankedStandardMission, BCMission PL #129 100303000160Jan 29Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Swanson, AndyC StandardStandardPenticton , BCSOPL #112 100303000160   0Pending
Taylor, DwayneU UnrankedStandardKamloops , BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 100303000160Jan 22Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Telban, ShawnB OpenOpenVancouver, BCBREAKERS PL #124 125303000185Jan 04  0Pending
Thomas, KellyB OpenOpenMerritt, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 125303000185Feb 01Jan 01Jan 01185Approved
Tinney, ChadC StandardStandardPrince George , BCBlack Diamond PL #241 100303000160Feb 14  0Pending
Tourangeau, PhilA AdvancedAdvancedFort McMurray , ABFORT MCMURRAY PL #207 150303000210Jan 19  0Pending
Tran, DuyU UnrankedOpenSte. Anne, MBCrazy 8 Pool League #407 125303000185Jan 17Jan 01Jan 01185Approved
Trimble, StuartB OpenOpenPenticton, BCSOPL #112  125303000185   0Pending
Trinh, MinhC StandardStandardVancouver , BCBREAKERS PL #124 100303000160Jan 11  0Pending
Trudel, BrianC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203 100303000160Jan 30Jan 30Jan 30160Approved
Unrau, GarryC StandardStandardMission , BCOur Little League #155 100303000160Jan 30Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Verkerk, MikeU UnrankedStandardVancouver , BCBREAKERS PL #124 100303000160Jan 23  0Pending
Vilppala, KristianC StandardOpenSurrey, BCOur Little League #155 125303000185Jan 10Jan 01Jan 01185Approved
Wade, ChrisC StandardStandardNanaimo, BCVIPL #117 100303000160Nov 24Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Wade, JessicaB OpenStandardNanaimo, BCVIPL #117 100303000160Jan 29Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Weedon, DaveU UnrankedStandardPrince George, BCBlack Diamond Billiards #138 100303000160Feb 01Jan 09Jan 09160Approved
White, BobC StandardStandardSooke, BCVIPL #117 100303000160Jan 18Jan 09Jan 09160Approved
White, Randy - MissionB OpenOpenMaple Ridge, BCMission PL #129 125303000185Jan 25  0Pending
Wiebe, JohnC StandardOpenQualicum Beach, BCComox Valley PL #137 125303000185Feb 11  0Pending
Williams, ByronC StandardStandardDelta, BCBREAKERS PL #124 100303000160Jan 16Jan 09Jan 09160Approved
Williams, MikeC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112  100303000160Jan 01Jan 01 0Pending
Williams, RemoU UnrankedStandardDelta, BCBREAKERS PL #124 100303000160Jan 16Jan 09Jan 09160Approved
Wilson, DavidU UnrankedStandardKitimat, BC  1003030050210Feb 09Feb 01Feb 01210Approved
Wyatt, DeanC StandardStandardKamloops , BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 100303000160Feb 04Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Yalong, Joco AlexisU UnrankedOpenSurrey, BCBREAKERS PL #124 125303000185Dec 06Jan 01Jan 01160Approved
Zafra, RobertC StandardStandardCalgary , ABPPL #203 100303000160Jan 15  0Pending

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