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Lynn Martin/ Rob Brandenburg, Bev Ashton/ Stan Tourangeau, Marcie Dunbar/ Vince McIntyre

1st - Marcie Dunbar/ Vince McIntyre (ON)
2nd - Lynn Martin/ Rob Brandenburg (ON)

3rd - Bev Ashton/ Stan Tourangeau (BC)

1st Marcie Dunbar/ Vince McIntyre (ON) $ 620 + Falcon Cues/Cases
2 Lynn Martin/ Rob Brandenburg (ON) 420
3 Bev Ashton/ Stan Tourangeau (BC) 260
4 Carrie Dwyer/ Shawn Miller (ON) 160
5/6 Denise Belanger/ Frank Seervant (ON) 110
Amanda Lofvendahl/ Steve Cherewyk (AB)
7/8 Janet Ritcey/ Colin Maloney (NS) 80
Jackie Summers/ Brian Belobradic (ON)
9/12 Suzanne Cuthbert/ Glenn Seesemann (ON) 60
Nick Adams/ Norm Doucette (AB)
Collyne Savage/ Russ Alexander (AB)
Bonnie Plowman/ Al Greenlee (AB)
13/16 Jackie Collins/ Sean Flemming (NF) 40
Melanie Kowalsky/ Scott Yanke (ON)
Andrea Wilson/ Larry Wilson (BC)
Derek Stribling/ Sharon Llewellyn (ON)
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