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How To Join

The #1 Reason why new and existing leagues join the CCS each year is to be able to compete against others elsewhere in Championships.

A great opportunity to have fun, make new friends and a chance to win both money and fame. No Pros allowed.

The CCS provides exactly that with ANNUAL 8Ball and 9Ball CHAMPIONSHIPS in:
CCS Ontario (London - October)
CCS BC's (Penticton - November)
CCS Maritimes (Sydney - early December)
CCS Vancouver Island (Victoria - January)
CCS Canadian Nationals (Niagara Falls - mid March)
CCS Westerns (Calgary - early May)

ACS US Midwest (River City IA - mid January)
ACS US Nationals
(Las Vegas - mid May)

Championships that are well organized and offer a variety of events – Singles, Scotch Doubles and Team.

Championships that use World Standardized Rules and are Divisionalized by Skill Level to give everyone a better chance.  

Tournament Posters, Brochures and Entry are all available on-line.


It’s very easy. The League Year runs from June 1st to May 31st.

Anyone can sanction. There are no exclusive ‘franchises’ and no restrictions on ‘Table ownership, type or size’.

Your league can be ‘In-House’ or ‘Travelling’ and doesn’t even have to be 8 Ball. Any game played on a Pool Table is fine.

You will need a minimum of 20 Players on at least 4 Teams.


1. You can sanction on-line anytime. Just click on League Sanction Application where indicated below and provide the requested information.

2. When you’ve completed your 4th week of scheduled play, you’ll need to provide the additional information outlined in the League Sanction Policy Agreement (click where indicated below) along with the Member Fees. To save money, be sure to forward same by the 8th week of league play.

3. At that point you’re good to go. After competing in 8 full regularly scheduled Matches over a minimum of 8 weeks, all your League Players will be eligible to enter any of the Championships listed above.

4. All of your sanctioned players will receive:
  • CCS Rule Book
  • CCS Member Decal

Just give us a call at (403) 510-2731 Cell or send an e-mail to We'd be more than happy to answer any queries you may have to help you get things organized.

For free sample Schedules, Formats, Scoresheets, Match Scoring and Handicapping plus helpful League Guidelines, just click on League Operator Manual where indicated below.



These Member Fees provide for dual membership in both the CCS for the Canadian Championships and the ACS - American CueSports Alliance for the US Championships.

Minimum 20. League Members are eligible to play in all Events at all CCS and ACS Championships.

Effective from the 2009/10 League Year, the Member Fee will be $25, if sanctioning is after 8 weeks from league start.
Player Members do not play in a Team based League. They are eligible to play in the Singles and Scotch Doubles Events only in all CCS Championships and in the Singles Event only at ACS Championships.
There are no League Operator Fees.

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