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1st - Louis Fazekas (ON) / Denise Belanger (ON)


Louis Fazekas (ON) / Denise Belanger (ON)

2nd - Pat Briand (NS) / Grace Nakamura (ON)


Louis Fazekas (ON) / Denise Belanger (ON)
1st Louis Fazekas (ON) / Denise Belanger (ON) 420 + Falcon Cues
2 Pat Briand (NS) / Grace Nakamura (ON) 300
3/4 Erik Hjorleifson (MB) / Naomi Williams ON) 180
Rob Brandenburg (ON) / Carrie Dwyer (ON)
5-8 5-8 Larry Wilson (BC) / Andrea Wilson (BC) 60
Dave Boone (NS) / Christine (NS)
Mike (ON) / Krista Walsh (ON)
Shawn Carroll (BC) / Lauren Hoste (ON)
9/10 Brant Hillman (ON) / Leslie Pasieka (ON) 20
Vince McIntrye (ON) / Marcie Dunbar (ON)
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