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June 1 2016 to May 31 2017

What do we do? Every year, we stage Regional and National 8Ball/9Ball Championships for our Member Pool Leagues across Canada.

Go Canada! It's amazing what can happen when leagues band together! 100% Canadian from our start in 2004, we've grown considerably and are now exclusively recognized by the CBSA - Canadian Billiards and Snooker Association for all Amateur Pool League Play and related Amateur Pool Championships.

Who's CBSA? They are the governing body for all Billiards competition in Canada as recognized by the World Pool-Billiard Ass'n. They are the ones who decide who represents Canada in official International competition.

We also have friends across the border. The CCS is also directly affiliated with the ACS - American Cue Sports Alliance; an association just like us. That means that their members can come to our tournaments and our members can go to theirs.

What Championships Can We Go To?

All CCS sanctioned League Members may enter any of the following Championships that include Singles, Scotch Doubles and Team Events in both 8Ball and 9Ball:


RAID CCS Maritimes..Moncton NB.......Dooly's.........................Nov 10-13

RAID CCS Vcr Island..Nanaimo BC.........VI Conf. Centre............Nov 9-13

RAID CCS BC's..............Penticton BC........Lakeside Resort...........Mar 1-5

RAID CCS Canadians.Niagara Falls ON...Sheraton On The Falls.Mar 14-19

RAID CCS Westerns...Calgary AB............Acadia Rec Centre.......Apr 26-30


Omega ACS Midwest ...Riverside IA.....Riverside Casino....Jan 18-22

Omega ACS Nationals .Las Vegas NV....Tropicana..............May 13-20


'Online Entry' for all CCS 8/9 Ball Championships

All entrants are encouraged to enter online.

Here's how to do it:

1. Click on 'How to Enter' on the left sidebar.

2. Select the Championship - Vcr Island, Maritimes, BC, Westerns or Canadians.

3. Select the Event you wish to enter.

4. Send payment by Bank Draft/Money Order or by e-mail to pplted@hotmail.com through the INTERAC eTransfer service. Provide a summary in the Comments section if the payment is for more than one Entry.

5. You can later confirm your Entry(s) was received by clicking on 'View Entries'.

For full info on any of the Championships:

1. Under 'Championships Events' on the left sidebar, click on any of the Championships.

2. At the top of the page that opens up, click on 'Tournament Brochure'.

Wondering what Division you'll be playing in?

1. You can check your Player Ranking by clicking on 'Players Rankings' on the left sidebar.

2. Also when you select 'View Entries' as noted above, the Division you are eligible to play in will also be shown.


CCS 2017 Canadians

Link for Online Streaming:


The  tournament is being held at the 4 Star Sheraton On The Falls Hotel in Niagara Falls ON.

The rates are $135 plus tax for Traditional View and $155 plus tax for City View; first come first serve.

We have reserved a Room Block based on last year's usage but it's best to book your room early as the Release Date is February 14, 2017.

Since the tournament is being held during the Ontario Spring Break when the demand for rooms is high, there will be no guarantee of getting the room you want after that date.

Here is the direct link for booking online - https://www.starwoodmeeting.com/Book/ccsa17

Tourney Schedule

Finalized as of Fri March 10th.

Scotch Doubles
B Open
- Max 16
Finals: Tues Mar 14 9AM to 9PM
A Advanced - Max 8
Finals: Wed Mar 15 9AM to 6PM

Mens 9Ball Singles
All - Max 64
Finals: Tues Mar 14 9AM to 9PM

Womens 9Ball Singles
All - Max 16

Tues Mar 14 1PM to 8PM

Mens 8Ball Singles
C Standard
Qualifying: Tues Mar 14 9PM to Midnight, Wed Mar 15 9AM to 4:30PM
Finals: Wed Mar 15 Noon to Midnight, Thurs Mar 16 9AM to 6PM
B Open  
Qualifying: Tues Mar 22 9PM to Midnight, Wed Mar 15 9AM to 1:30PM
Finals: Wed Mar 15 Noon to Midnight, Thurs Mar 16 9AM to Noon
A Advanced  
Finals: Wed Mar 15 4:30PM to Midnight, Thurs 9AM to 1:30PM

Womens 8Ball Singles
B Open 
Qualifying: Wed Mar 15 9AM to 5:30PM
Finals: Wed Mar 15 4PM to Midnight, Thurs Mar 16 9AM to 5:30PM
A Advanced 
Finals: Wed Mar 15 6PM to Midnight, Thurs Mar 16 9AM to 3PM
Mens/Mixed 9Ball Team
Finals: Thurs Mar 16 2PM to Midnight

Womens 9Ball Team
Finals: Thurs Mar 16 3PM to Midnight
Mens/Mixed 8Ball Team
C Standard 
Qualifying: Fri Mar 17 9AM to 9:30PM
Finals: Fri Mar 17 3:30PM to Midnight, Sat Mar 18 9AM to Midnight
B Open 
Qualifying: Fri Mar 17 10AM to 8:30PM
Finals : Fri Mar 17 3:30PM to Midnight, Sat Mar 18 9AM to 10PM
A Advanced  
Finals: Sat Mar 18 9AM to Midnight

Womens 8Ball Team
B Open 
Qualifying: Fri Mar 17 9AM to 5:30PM
Finals: Fri Mar 17 8PM to Midnight, Sat Mar 18 9AM to 10PM
A Advanced
Finals: Sat Mar 18 9AM to Midnight

Junior 8Ball Singles
14 & Under 
Finals: Sat Mar 18 11AM to 9PM
18 & Under
Finals: Sat Mar 18 1PM to 9PM
Tourney Draw and Charts
Will only be available online at www.compusport.ca by Sunday March 12th.
From the Home Page:
- Click on the CCS logo.
- Click on the logo beside 'To see menu'.
- Under 'Schedules/Charts', click on either 'Search by Player/team' or 'Charts'.
If it shows 'TBA', you must show up as they don't become 'Byes' until the posted match start time.
Tourney Check In
Although not mandatory, it is recommended that you check in at Registration prior to your first match. This is especially important for Teams to get approval for any last minute changes.

All Players and Teams are reminded that unless an acceptable reason has been provided in advance, it is CCS Tourney Policy that a 'no show' for a first round match will forfeit you out of the Tournament with no refund of your entry fee.

Good Luck and Good Shooting to Everyone!

The CCS welcomes all newcomers and returnees as we celebrate another year of having fun playing pool  in Leagues and Championships.

What Pool Leagues Can Join the CCS?

Anyone in Canada who has a Pool League or wants to start one. All you need is a minimum of 20 Players on at least 4 Teams. When your league starts and finishes is up to you.

For more information, click on 'How To Join' up above.

Need Some Help in Setting Up Your League?

For those looking for useful tips on setting up and/or running a pool league, click on 'League Operator Manual' at the top of the left sidebar.

Need a Scheduling and Stat System? It's Free!

A website based League Management System is available at no charge to any league that sanctions with the CCS.

To see what it looks like, go to demo.pplms.ca. (Do not put www. in front of the address.)

For more information, call the CCS National Office at or send an e-mail to pplted@hotmail.com.


CCS - Player Rankings

Not quite ready for prime time?

No worries - all CCS Championships offer Divisional Play based on skill level - Standard, Open and Advanced.

It's all based on Player Rankings which we take very seriously. The fairness of every Championship depends on it.

Every player is assigned one and the Division that you can enter in any Event will be based on it.

Singles Ranking - based on 8 Ball Singles Events; your last 2 performances, prior to the current league year.
Team Ranking - based on 8 Ball Team Events; your last 2 performances, prior to the current league year.

For more detailed information, click on 'Player Rankings' in the middle of the left sidebar.

Let's Play Pool!

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