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League Sanction Policy Agreement

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1.  No Exclusive Rights: The signing of this agreement does not confer to a local league any exclusive rights or franchised territory by the CCS.

2.  League Sanctioning Deadline and Submission Requirements: League Operators are required to:
    a) submit the completed CCS League Sanction Application, the signed CCS League Sanction Policy Agreement along with your League’s Standings Sheets displaying individual performance and the Player Fees by no later than the fifth week of  play of any sanctioned session of the current League Year. Non-compliance could result in no credit for participation to League Players before the date sent.
    b) submit Standings Sheets displaying individual performance along with any new Player Fees as of the Late Entry Deadline with receipt prior to the start of any CCS Championship for which the league has entries for.
    c) submit Standings Sheets displaying individual performance along with any new Player Fees at the earlier of March 15 or the end of each session.

All players (on all Teams who play against each other in a common Schedule but excluding Playoffs) who have competed in two or more matches must be sanctioned as a Member of the League they play in. This sanctioning will make them eligible to play in any CCS Championship held in the remainder of the current League Year, subject to Items 3, 4 5 and 6.

3.  Minimum Sanctioning Requirements: A Team type League must have a minimum of 4 teams and sanction a minimum of 20 players who play a minimum 8 week Schedule. A Singles type League must sanction a minimum of 20 players who play a minimum 8 week Schedule.

4.  Minimum Participation Requirements: To qualify for play in CCS Championships, a League Player member must be in good standing with their League and have competed in a minimum of eight full regularly scheduled Matches (or the equivalent of), over a minimum of eight weeks during a sanctioned session of the current League Year, unless the Tournament Brochure specifies otherwise. Team type League Players are eligible for all Championship Events. Singles type League Players are eligible for the Singles and Scotch Doubles Events.

5.  Player Not In Good Standing: The CCS must be advised by letter of any League Player member who is no longer in good standing within your league.

6. Dual Sanctioning: A League sanctioned with another National League System may sanction with the CCS provided that the apparent purpose is to solely offer its players extra benefits rather than undermine an existing CCS sanctioned League. All such Applications will be reviewed on case by case basis and approval must be received prior to advertising availability of same.

7.  Protection of Nights: If a new or existing League chooses to offer or expand play on nights of the week in which another CCS League in the same area has traditionally played, the CCS may restrict the night of play to the League that had it first.

8.  Rules of Play: Although the CCS recognizes, and uses in all its Championships, the World Standardized Rules of Play as published by the World Pool-Billiard Association, the local League is not required to do so.

I have read the above policies and I do agree to adhere and to enforce to the best of my ability the rules and standards set forth in this application with the participants of the league. I understand that I am totally responsible for the fulfillment of all my league obligations including but not limited to advertising, schedules of play, amounts of awards and prize monies, updating and posting weekly standings sheets, overseeing the safety and security of league funds, notifying league participants of any material changes in the league and generally fulfilling all responsibilities attendant thereto. I specifically hold harmless Canadian Cue Sport Association and their employees and directors, of any responsibilities, costs and legal fees, or obligations attendant to the administration of this billiard league.


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