CCS 2018 British Columbia 8/9Ball Championships
Mens Singles 8Ball


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NameRankDivisionCity/ProvLeagueBirth DateEntry
Abdulmahdi, UsamaA AdvancedStandardEdmonton, ABEPPA #213 100253000155Jan 26Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Alghabi, SasanC StandardStandardWEST VANCOUVER, BCCCS Member 100253000155Jan 18Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Ambang, DexterA AdvancedAdvancedVancouver, BCRollers Pool League PL #141 150253000205Feb 02Jan 17Jan 01205Approved
Andrews, KenC StandardStandardDelta, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Dec 20Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Arnouse, RyanB OpenStandardChase, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 100253000155Dec 13Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Arsenault, RonC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112 100253000155Jan 03Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Atendido, LitoA AdvancedAdvancedVancouver, BCRollers #141 150253000205Jan 01Jan 17Jan 01205Approved
Bannon, JohnC StandardStandardDelta, BCTBA 100253000155Feb 14Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Bauche, JerryC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203  100253000155Dec 15Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Baylis, PatC StandardStandardBurnaby, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Dec 21Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Beavis, JustinA AdvancedOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203 125253000180Feb 19Jan 17Jan 01180Approved
Benoit, SteveC StandardStandardFort McMurray, ABFort McMurray PL #207 100253000155Dec 23Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Bracewell, MattB OpenAdvancedKamloops, BCKamloops 150253000205Jan 01Jan 02Jan 01205Approved
Breukers, RichardC StandardStandardCampbell River, BCComox Valley PL #137 100253000155Jan 14Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Brogliatto, MarkC StandardAdvancedPenticton, BCSOPL #112 150253000205Jan 17Jan 17Jan 01205Approved
Brown, JimB OpenOpenCampbell River, BCComox Valley PL #137 125253000180Jan 19Jan 01Jan 01180Approved
Burns, IanC StandardOpenChilliwack, BCChilliwack PL #142 125253000180Feb 01Jan 02Jan 01180Approved
CAIRNS, GREGGA AdvancedAdvancedCalgary, ABPPL #203 150253000205Feb 26Jan 17Jan 01205Approved
Camille, FredB OpenStandardKamloops, BCDirty Jersey PL #108 100253000155Jan 25Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Campbell, DustinC StandardStandardKelowna, BCSOPL #112 100253000155Dec 31Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Cansdale, RoyC StandardStandardSummerland, BCSOPL #112 100253000155Jan 01Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Cardinal, RobB OpenOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203 125253000180Feb 01Feb 01Jan 01180Approved
Cartwright, CurtisB OpenStandardMunson, ABPPL #203 100253000155Jan 22Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Chahil, PaulC StandardStandardKaleden, BCSOPL #112 100253000155Jan 06Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Chan, TylerC StandardStandardVancouver, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Feb 17Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Chow, MattC StandardStandardVancouver, BCRollers Pool League PL #141 100253000155Jan 24Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Clancy, WayneC StandardStandardPowell River, BCPowell River 8Ball PL #133 100253000155Jan 01Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Clifford, JacksonB OpenAdvancedPrince George, BCAlternate #151 150253000205Jan 01Jan 17Jan 01205Approved
Copeman, MartyB OpenStandardCampbell River, BCComox Valley PL #137 100253000155Feb 09Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Cybart, BarryC StandardStandardPenticton , BCSOPL #112 100253000155Jan 22Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Dao, CuongA AdvancedOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203 125253000180Feb 01Feb 01Jan 01180Approved
Davidson, DonB OpenOpenPort Moody, BCOLL #155 125253000180Jan 01Jan 01Jan 01180Approved
Davies, TimC StandardStandardKamloops, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154 100253000155Dec 12Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Dayton, RobC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203 100253000155Dec 02Feb 01Feb 01155Approved
Dekker, JanC StandardStandardLangley, BCOLL # 155 100253000155Dec 25Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Denego, AlbertC StandardStandardVancouver, BCCCS Member 100253000155Jan 01Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Denis, PhilB OpenOpenCalgary , ABPPL #203  125253000180Jan 05Jan 20Jan 20180Approved
Downey, MarkA AdvancedAdvancedCalgary, ABPPL #203 150253000205Jan 31Feb 02Feb 02205Approved
Dube, AlexC StandardStandardExshaw, ABCanmore 8 Ball PL #214 100253000155Feb 01Feb 01Feb 01155Approved
Dube, PerryC StandardOpenEnderby, BC  1252530050230Jan 13Jan 01Jan 01230Approved
Dunn, MikeB OpenOpenPenticton, BCSOPL #112 125253000180Dec 28Jan 17Jan 01180Approved
Eckford, ShaunC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203 100253000155Feb 07Feb 01Jan 01155Approved
Epp, RyanC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203 100253000155Feb 19Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Fabas, AndreB OpenStandardChiliwack, BCChilliwack PL #142 100253000155Feb 01Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Fedirchuk, JaisonB OpenStandardVernon , BCCCS Member 100253000155Jan 31Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Frampton, CraigC StandardStandardKamloops, BCDirty Jersey PL #108 100253000155Nov 30Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Francis, BenA AdvancedAdvancedCalgary , ABPPL #203  150253000205Jan 05Jan 05Feb 01205Approved
Fraser, MikeC StandardStandardWhitehorse , YTPorter Creek Billiards #1401 100253000155Feb 16Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Free, SteveC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203 100253000155Oct 22Feb 02Feb 02155Approved
Gagnon, BernieC StandardStandardPrince George, BCAlternate Pub PL #151 100253000155Feb 23Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Garcia, MarcelinoA AdvancedOpenVancouver , BCRollers Pool League PL #141 125253000180Feb 19Jan 17Jan 01180Approved
Gardner, GlennC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203 100253000155Feb 02Feb 02Feb 02155Approved
George, TrevorC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203 100253000155Feb 15Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Gloslee, ClayB OpenOpenPowell River, BCPowell River 8 Ball PL #133 125253000180Dec 27Jan 01Jan 01180Approved
Gomboc, DannyA AdvancedAdvancedCalgary, ABPPL #203 150253000205Feb 02Feb 02Feb 02205Approved
Graham, CodyB OpenStandardDelta, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Jan 13Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Guillette, Jean-kristopheC StandardStandardRock Creek, BCCCS Member 100253000155Feb 23Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Haghigh, AlexC StandardStandardBurnaby, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Jan 15Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Halverson, DougC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112 100253000155Feb 13Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Hansen, BlakeC StandardOpenKelowna, BCSOPL #112 125253000180Jan 26Jan 17Jan 01180Approved
Harms, TedA AdvancedOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203 125253000180Jan 31Jan 31Jan 31180Approved
Haydu, BradC StandardStandardMission, BCMission PL #129 100253000155Jan 17Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Heinrichsohn, KevinC StandardStandardPowell River, BCPowell River 8Ball PL #133 100253000155Feb 01Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Herweier, RichardC StandardStandardSpruce Grove, ABEPPA #213 1002530250180Jan 01Apr 01Apr 01155Approved
Hite, KaneB OpenAdvancedPitt Meadows, BCMission PL #129 150253000205Jan 31Jan 02Jan 01205Approved
Hoiberg, RobertB OpenOpenAbbotsford , BCMission PL #129 125253000180Jan 11Jan 01Jan 01180Approved
Holem, StephenM MasterAdvancedCalgary, ABPPL #203 150253000205Feb 01Feb 01Jan 01205Approved
Hooey, BarryA AdvancedAdvancedCalgary, ABPPL #203 150253000205Feb 01Feb 01Jan 01205Approved
Hunt, KimC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112 100253000155Jan 01Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Hyatt, DaveC StandardStandardVancouver, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Feb 24Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Jacobs, TonyB OpenAdvancedTsawwassen, BCBreakers PL #124 150253000205Jan 31  0Pending
James, TerenceB OpenStandardNew Westminster, BCRollers Pool League PL #141 100253000155Feb 02Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Joe, MarvB OpenAdvancedTsawwassen, BCBreakers PL #124 150253000205Jan 10Jan 01Jan 01205Approved
Jolliffe, JeffB OpenOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203 125253000180Oct 22Feb 01Feb 01180Approved
Jones, KyleB OpenOpenKelowna, BCCCS Member 125253000180Jan 09Jan 17Jan 01180Approved
Joyce, TomB OpenOpenSurrey , BCBreakers PL #124 125253000180Jan 20Jan 17Jan 01180Approved
Karas, DaveC StandardStandardHalifax, NSBuddys Pool Hall #921 100253000155Feb 01Feb 01Feb 01155Approved
Kavelman, RobertC StandardStandardMission, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Jan 09Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Kenoras, ChrisB OpenStandardChase, BCDirty Jersey PL #108 100253000155Jan 01Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Khan, RichardC StandardStandardBurnaby, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Nov 06Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Kinbasket, NathanC StandardStandardVancouver, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Jan 20Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Kippenhuck, MauriceC StandardStandardFort McMurray, ABFort McMurray PL #207 100253000155Jan 25Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Kirkland, GareyA AdvancedAdvancedCalgary , ABPPL #203  150253000205Jan 05Jan 17Jan 01205Approved
Knapfl, KyleC StandardOpenCanmore, ABCanmore 125253000180Jan 17Jan 17Jan 01180Approved
Kruger, NickA AdvancedAdvancedPenticton , BCCCS member 150253000205Jan 01Jan 17Jan 01205Approved
Kwan, RoyceC StandardStandardFort McMurray, ABFort McMurray PL #207 100253000155Feb 18Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Ladubec, TyrellC StandardStandardmaple ridge, BCTri Cities Players PL #125 100253000155Feb 01Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Lafond, MarioC StandardOpenFort McMurray , ABFort McMurray PL #207 125253000180Jan 14Jan 01Jan 01180Approved
Lalonde, JamesC StandardStandardCourtenay, BCComox Valley PL #137 100253000155Feb 02Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Lane, GeorgeC StandardOpenVancouver, BCCCS Member 125253000180Dec 07Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Lazaro, JoseC StandardStandardNew Westminster, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Jan 19Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Legebokoff, JohnC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112 100253000155Oct 22Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Leonard, BobB OpenOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203 125253000180Jan 31Jan 31Feb 06180Approved
Lionello, RobC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112 100253000155Jan 01Jan 17Jan 01125Approved
Liu, AlexanderC StandardStandardBurnaby, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Dec 08Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Lockwood, DaveC StandardStandardLangley, BCOLL #155 100253000155Jan 11Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
MacDonald, ClayC StandardStandardCastlegar , BCCCS Member 100253000155Jan 16Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Mackay, LakeA AdvancedAdvancedVictoria, BCCCS Member 150253000205Feb 05Jan 17Jan 01205Approved
Macmullin, DawsonC StandardStandardHarvie heights, ABCanmore 8 Ball PL #214 100253000155Feb 06Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Mak, PaulB OpenOpenBurnaby , BCRollers Pool League PL #141 125253000180Jan 25Jan 17Jan 01180Approved
Mansell, BrianC StandardStandardPowell River , BCPowell River 8 Ball PL #133 100253000155Dec 23Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Mapatac, MarkC StandardOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203  125253000180Jan 28Jan 17Jan 01180Approved
Marier, PaulC StandardStandardPowell river, BCPowell River 8 Ball PL #133 100253000155Feb 02Jan 17Jan 02155Approved
Markiewicz, RichardC StandardOpenDelta, BCBreakers PL #124 125253000180Jan 05Jan 05Jan 05155Approved
Martel, RobC StandardStandardOliver, BCSOPL #112 100253000155Jan 01Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Mathews, MikeC StandardStandardPowell River, BCPowell River 8 Ball PL #133 100253000155Jan 16Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Matthew, MikeC StandardStandardKamloops, BCDirty Jersey PL #108 100253000155Dec 14Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Mauro, RomanC StandardStandardVancouver, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Jan 04Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
McDonnell, TerryB OpenAdvancedMission, BCMission Pool League 150253000205Jan 01Jan 17Jan 01205Approved
Mcgonegal, MattC StandardOpenCanmore, ABCanmore 8 Ball PL #214 125253000180Jan 30Jan 02Jan 01180Approved
McMullen, GeorgeC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203 100253000155Feb 07Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Merrett, RickB OpenOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203 125253000180Feb 15Jan 17Jan 01180Approved
Michel, PatrickC StandardStandardKamloops, BCDirty Jersey PL #108 100253000155Dec 13Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Monteith, GordC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112 100253000155Jan 01Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Moore, ChrisC StandardStandardPowel River, BCPowell River 8Ball PL #133 100253000155Jan 28Jan 17Jan 0115Approved
Nokohoo, MurrayC StandardStandardFt McMcMurray, ABFort McMurray PL #207 100253000155Feb 02Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
North Peigan, JoeC StandardStandardCalgary, AB  1002530050205Jan 05Jan 01Jan 01205Approved
Ollinger, MarkC StandardStandardVancouver, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Feb 01Feb 01Jan 01155Approved
Ostwald, WernerB OpenOpenCampbell River, BCComox Valley PL #137 125253000180Jan 15Jan 01Jan 01180Approved
Pauls, ConwayC StandardStandardCampbell River, BCComox Valley PL #137 100253000155Feb 04Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Pepin, GerryC StandardOpenCreston, BCCranbrook PL #102 125253000180Feb 15Jan 02Jan 01180Approved
Percival, AndrewC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203 100253000155Feb 02Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Pochay, RileyB OpenOpenKAMLOOPS, BCDirty Jersey PL #108 125253000180Nov 13Jan 01Jan 01180Approved
Porteous, BradB OpenAdvancedBurnaby, BCBreakers PL #124 150253000205Feb 14Jan 17Jan 01205Approved
Prechner, ChrisC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL 203 100253000155Jan 03Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Rainville, EricC StandardOpenPenticton , BCSOPL #112 125253000180Jan 01Jan 01Jan 01125Approved
Reutlinger, ReneC StandardStandardAirdrie, ABPPL #203 100253000155Jan 25Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Robitaille, KevinA AdvancedAdvancedMission, BCMission PL #129 150253000205 Jan 17Feb 02155Approved
Russell, JulianB OpenOpenFort McMurray, ABFort McMurray PL #207 125253000180Dec 23Jan 02Jan 01180Approved
Schwartz, DerekC StandardStandardPowell River , BCPowell River 8Ball PL #133 100253000155Jan 03Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Scott, MichaelC StandardStandardLangley, BCOLL #155 100253000155Feb 01Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Senchar, SergeA AdvancedOpenParksville , BCComox Valley PL #137 125253000180Jan 01Jan 17Jan 01180Approved
Sheil, ColinB OpenOpenChilliwack, BCMission PL #129 125253000180Jan 11Jan 01Jan 01180Approved
Silva, JoshA AdvancedAdvancedPrince George , BCAlternate Pub PL #151 150253000205Feb 01Jan 17Jan 01205Approved
Simpson, ShawnB OpenStandardFort McMurray, ABFort McMurray PL #207 100253000155Dec 23Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Sinclair, RobC StandardStandardWhitehorse, YTPorter Creek Billiards #1401 100253000155Feb 19Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Smith, ClarkC StandardOpenChilliwack, BCChilliwack PL #142 125253000180Feb 03Jan 02Jan 01180Approved
Spence, JoeA AdvancedAdvancedCalgary, ABPPL #203 150253000205Feb 05Jan 01Jan 01205Approved
Stanyer, RonC StandardStandardWhitehorse, YTPorter Creek Billiards #1401 100253000155Nov 03Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Swanson, AndyC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112 100253000155Jan 05Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Thatcher, PaulU UnrankedStandardKelowna, BCOkanagan 8 ballMay 16, 1964100253000155Mar 06  0Pending
Tinney, ChadC StandardStandardPrince George , BCAlternate Pub PL #151 100253000155Feb 22Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Tourangeau, PhilA AdvancedAdvancedFort McMurray, ABFort McMurray PL #207 150253000205Dec 23Jan 17Jan 01205Approved
Trimble, StuartB OpenOpenPenticton, BCSOPL #112 125253000180Feb 06Jan 17Jan 01180Approved
Trinh, MinhC StandardStandardVancouver , BCMission PL #129 100253000155Jan 17Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Unrau, GarryC StandardStandardMission, BCMission PL #129 100253000155Jan 23Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Vallieres, SylvainC StandardStandardVANCOUVER, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Jan 19Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Vargas, EricA AdvancedAdvancedCalgary, ABPPL #203 150253000205Feb 01Feb 01Jan 01120Approved
Vu, Hoang (Mike Jones)B OpenAdvancedRichmond, BCRollers Pool League PL #141 150253000205Feb 20Jan 17Jan 01180Approved
Wade, ChrisC StandardStandardNanaimo, BCVIPL #117 100253000155Oct 19Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
White, BobC StandardStandardSooke, BCVIPL #117 100253000155Nov 29Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Williams, BryonC StandardStandardDelta, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Feb 14Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Williams, IanC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203 100253000155Oct 22Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Williams, MikeC StandardStandardPenticton , BCSOPL #112 100253000155Feb 01Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Worthington, DavidC StandardStandardNanaimo, BCVIPL #140 100253000155Jan 16Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Wright, RobB OpenOpenCampbell River, BCComox Valley PL #137 125253000180Nov 27Jan 17Jan 01180Approved
Zafra, RobertC StandardOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203 125253000180Jan 17Jan 17Jan 01180Approved
Zemp, GrantB OpenOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203 125253000180Feb 19Feb 01Jan 01180Approved
Zuehlke, HowardB OpenStandardNanaimo, BCVIPL #117 100253000155Dec 15Jan 17Jan 01155Approved

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