CCS 2018 British Columbia 8/9Ball Championships
Womens Singles 8Ball


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NameRankDivisionCity/ProvLeagueBirth DateEntry
Alton, RoxannaC StandardStandardSurrey, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Feb 12  0Pending
Andrews, DonnaC StandardStandardCalgart, ABPPL #203 100253000155Feb 24  0Pending
Armstrong, GwenU UnrankedStandardWinnipeg, MBCrazy 8 PL #407 100253000155Nov 16Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Bennett, LindaC StandardStandardCoquitlam, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Jan 20  0Pending
Brown, WendyU UnrankedOpenKelowna, BC  1002530050205Jan 09  0Pending
Comstock, PattyB OpenOpenCalgary , ABPPL #203 100253000155Nov 22  0Pending
Corallini, DeenaC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203 100253000155Feb 24  0Pending
Cross, TracyA AdvancedAdvancedNanaimo, BCCVPL #137 100253000155Feb 01Jan 17Jan 0115Approved
Daigle, DanitaC StandardStandardCourtenay, BCCVPL #137 100253000155Sep 24Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Dela Cruz, RashielaU UnrankedOpenRichmond, BCRollers PL #141 100253000155Jan 30Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Fischer, DebbieU UnrankedStandardKamloops, BCDirty Jersey PL #108 100253000155Nov 30  0Pending
Gaddy, KariC StandardStandardPr Geo, BCAlternate Pub PL #151 100253000155Feb 23  0Pending
Gallant, YvetteB OpenOpenHeritage Pointe, ABPPL #203  100253000155Dec 19Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Gaspari, DimitraC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203 100253000155Oct 25  0Pending
Gervais, AngelaB OpenOpenPrince George, BCAlternate Pub PL #151 100253000155Jan 15Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Harms, GailB OpenOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203 100253000155Feb 01Feb 01Feb 01155Approved
Hoko, ReganB OpenOpenKimberley, BCCranbrook PL #102 100253000155Nov 13Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Holm, CherylB OpenOpenCalgary, AB  1002530050205Feb 01  0Pending
Horn, JoieU UnrankedStandardCalgary , ABPPL #203 100253000155Oct 25  0Pending
Hostyn, DebraB OpenOpenPeachland, BC  1002530050205Dec 22Jan 01Jan 01205Approved
Irvine, VickiC StandardStandardWhitehorse, YTPorter Creek Billiards #1401 100253000155Dec 06Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Jensen, FrancesB OpenOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203 100253000155Jan 11  0Pending
Johanson, DianeU UnrankedStandardWinnipeg, MBCrazy 8 PL #407 100253000155Nov 16Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Kantor, RoseB OpenOpenCourtenay, BCCVPL #137 100253000155Jan 28  0Pending
Kippenhuck, RobynC StandardStandardFort McMurray, ABFort McMurray PL #207 100253000155Jan 25Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Leask, JaniceC StandardStandardSooke, BCVIPL #117 100253000155Nov 16Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Leblanc, RebeccaU UnrankedStandardKelowna, BCSOPL #112 100253000155Jan 18  0Pending
Lindbergh, TheresaC StandardStandardKamloops, BCDirty Jersey PL #108 100253000155Dec 16Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Lindsay, CandaceU UnrankedStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112 100253000155Feb 05Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
McConnell, Maryann 17BCU UnrankedAdvancedPort Alberni, BCCVPL #137 100253000155Dec 22Jan 05Jan 05155Approved
McNaughton, DianaC StandardStandardKamloops, BCDirty Jersey PL #108 100253000155Nov 09Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
McPhee, TamaraA AdvancedAdvancedPowell River, BCPowell River 8Ball PL #133 100253000155Jan 01Jan 01 0Pending
Mercredi, LorettaB OpenOpenFort McMurray, ABFort McMurray PL #207 100253000155Jan 10Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Michaels, DanaB OpenOpenVancouver, BCCCS Member 100253000155Dec 07  0Pending
Miller, KariU UnrankedOpenChilliwack, BCMission PL #129 100253000155Feb 03Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Ogden, LesaU UnrankedStandardNew westminster, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Jan 03  0Pending
Pallos, DianeU UnrankedStandardPowell River, BCPowell River 8Ball PL #133 100253000155Jan 01Jan 17 0Pending
Pauls, LyndaC StandardStandardCampbell River, BCComox Valley PL #137 100253000155Feb 04Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Porth, JamieB OpenOpenFort McMurray, ABFort McMurray PL #207 100253000155Dec 23Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Rasmussen, DeanaU UnrankedStandardWinnipeg, MBCrazy 8 PL #407 100253000155Nov 16Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Rathlou, KarenB OpenOpenNanaimo, BCVIPL #117 100253000155Feb 17Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Seidler, CherieC StandardStandardSurrey, BCOLL #155 100253000155Jan 01Jan 01 0Pending
Serwatkewich, KandiceB OpenOpenPrince George , BCAlternate Pub PL #151 100253000155Feb 22  0Pending
Silveira, AngeleU UnrankedStandardChilliwack, BCChilliwack PL #142 100253000155Feb 18  0Pending
Smith, NinonA AdvancedAdvancedPenticton, BCSOPL #112 100253000155Dec 30  0Pending
Spencer, TaniaB OpenAdvancedMission, BCMission PL #129 100253000155Jan 01Jan 01 0Pending
Tarasoff, JaimeU UnrankedStandardCastlegar, BCMission PL #129 100253000155Nov 10  0Pending
TBA WS A-1, TBAU UnrankedAdvancedTBA, BCTBA 100253000155Jan 01Jan 17 0Pending
TBA WS C 1, TBAU UnrankedStandardTBA, NBTBA 100253000155   0Pending
TBA WS C 2, TBAU UnrankedStandardTBA, BCTBA 100253000155Jan 01  0Pending
TBA WS C 3, TBAU UnrankedStandardTBA, BCTBA 100253000155   0Pending
Thomas, NikkiC StandardStandardBurnaby, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Jan 03Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Tipper, ChristyB OpenOpenCampbell River, BCComox Valley PL #137 100253000155Jan 19Jan 01Jan 01155Approved
Voitossevitch, AlissC StandardStandardVancouver, BCBreakers PL #124 100253000155Dec 06  0Pending
Wade, JessicaA AdvancedAdvancedNanaimo, BCVIPL #117 100253000155Oct 19Jan 17Jan 01155Approved
Wallace, JillC StandardStandardFort McMurray, ABFort McMurray PL #207 100253000155Jan 25Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Welsh, TrishB OpenOpenAbbotsford, BCMission PL #129 100253000155Feb 01Jan 02Jan 01155Approved
Wickwire, Tanya 17BCU UnrankedAdvancedCalgary , ABPPL #203  100253000155Jan 05Jan 05Jan 05100Pending
Williams, DebC StandardOpenCourtenay, BCComox Valley PL #137 100253000155Feb 07  0Pending
Wilson, AimeeC StandardStandardAbbotsford, BCMission PL #129 100253000155Nov 21  0Pending

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