CCS 2017 British Columbia 8/9Ball Championships
Mens/Mixed Team 8Ball

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Team NameRankDivisionCity/ProvLeagueEntry
Alternate CrewB OpenOpenPrince George, BCAlternate Pub PL #151250501500450Nov 23Jan 01Mar 01450Approved
AnnilatorsC StandardOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203250501500450Feb 01Feb 01Feb 01450Approved
Ask UsC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203200501500400Dec 05Dec 05Dec 05400Approved
Big DogzA AdvancedOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203250501500450Dec 11Dec 11Dec 11450Approved
Blue Ball BreakersC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203200501500400Dec 11Dec 11Dec 11400Approved
Booze & Cues A AdvancedOpenVictoria, BCVIPL #117250501500450Jan 07Jan 07Jan 07250Approved
Bottom LeftA AdvancedAdvancedPenticton, BCSOPL #112300501500500Jan 15Jan 01Jan 01500Approved
Breaking BadB OpenOpenCourtenay, BCComox Valley PL #137250501500450Feb 10Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
Chalk 'N Awe C StandardOpenKamloops, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154250501500450Feb 02Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
Chalk Dirty to Me C StandardStandardMission, BCMission PL #129200501500400Nov 07Nov 07Nov 07400Approved
Chalk is ChheapB OpenStandardCourteney , BCComox Valley PL #137200501500400Feb 11Jan 01Jan 01400Approved
Cue's BrothersC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPl200501500400Feb 01Feb 01Jan 01400Approved
DARK HORSE A AdvancedAdvancedCALGARY, ABPPL #203300501500500Jan 23Jan 23Jan 23500Approved
DeadstrokeB OpenStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203200501500400Nov 22Dec 05Dec 05400Approved
Decoy's DynastyC StandardStandardPenticton , BCSOPL #112200501500400Jan 02Jan 03Mar 01325Approved
DIRTY H88KERZB OpenOpenMission, BCMission PL #129250501500450Nov 23Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
Dirty Hookers B OpenOpenCanmore, ABCanmore 8Ball PL #214250501500450Jan 31Jan 31Jan 01450Approved
Ex RDC StandardStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203200501500400Dec 11Dec 11Dec 11450Approved
Felt All OverC StandardStandardMission, BCMission PL #129200501500400Nov 21Jan 01Jan 01400Approved
Felt Dawgs A AdvancedOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203250501500450Jan 24Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
For The Love Of The Game B OpenAdvancedCalgary, ABPPL #203300501500500Dec 11Dec 11Dec 11500Approved
Fox Lake HookersB OpenStandardWhitehorse, YTPorter Creek Billiard200501500400Feb 22Jan 01Jan 01400Approved
Free For AllB OpenOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203250501500450Nov 03Dec 05Dec 05450Approved
GoodfellasA AdvancedAdvancedCALGARY, ABPPL #203300501500500Jan 27Jan 27Jan 27500Approved
HammertimeA AdvancedAdvancedBurnaby, BCBreakers PL #124300501500500Jan 20Jan 01Jan 01500Approved
Hammertime 2C StandardStandardVancouver , BCBreakers PL #1242005015050450Feb 06 Mar 01400Approved
Hard as a RockB OpenOpenPowell River, BCPowell River 8 Ball #133250501500450Jan 01Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
Jetsetters A AdvancedAdvancedCalgary, ABPPL #203300501500500Oct 01Oct 01Oct 01300Pending
KBC 1 A AdvancedAdvancedKamloops, BCKamloops Billiard Club #154300501500500Dec 09Jan 10Jan 10500Approved
La FamiliaC StandardOpenNew Westminster, BCBreakers PL #124250501500450Jan 19Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
Lady LuckC StandardStandardChilliwack, BCChilliwack PL #142200501500400Feb 01Feb 01Jan 01400Approved
LongshotsC StandardStandardMaple Ridge, BCTri Cities Players PL #125200501500400Feb 21Feb 21Jan 01400Approved
Lucky BudzC StandardStandardCampbell River , BCCampbell River 8 Ball Association #150200501500400Jan 23Jan 01Jan 01400Approved
Made From Scratch A AdvancedAdvancedMission, BCMission PL #129300501500500Oct 01Oct 01Oct 01500Approved
Magic Moments B OpenAdvancedCourtenay, BCComox Valley PL #137300501500500Feb 18Jan 01Jan 01500Approved
Master'8ersC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112200501500400Dec 07Jan 01Jan 01400Approved
Mavericks- BreakersB OpenOpenBurnaby, BCBreakers PL #124250501500450Dec 07Jan 01Jan 02450Approved
Mavericks- PPLC StandardOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203250501500450Jan 18Jan 18Jan 18450Approved
Men In BlackC StandardStandardPort Coquitlam, BCTri Cities Players PL #125200501500400Jan 23Jan 01Jan 01400Approved
MOJO A AdvancedAdvancedCalgary, ABPPL #203300501500500Jan 27Jan 27Jan 27500Approved
NDN TimeC StandardOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203250501500450Jan 01Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
Nuther ShotC StandardStandardPenticton , BCSOPL #112200501500400Jan 01Jan 01Jan 01400Approved
OGRC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112200501500400Jan 01Jan 01Jan 01400Approved
Orange Crush A AdvancedAdvancedCalgary, ABPPL #203300501500500Jan 30Jan 30Jan 30500Approved
Plan BB OpenOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203250501500450Dec 23Dec 23Dec 23450Approved
Pocket 8-BallsC StandardStandardMission, BCMission PL #129200501500400Nov 21Jan 01Jan 01400Approved
Powell River Long ShotsC StandardOpenPowell River, BCPowell River 8 Ball #133250501500450Feb 03Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
ScrewballsC StandardStandardMission, BCMission PL #129200501500400Nov 21Jan 01Jan 01400Approved
See You Next TuesdayA AdvancedOpenCalgary, ABPPL #203250501500450Feb 01Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
SharpshootersB OpenOpenVancouver, BCBreakers PL #124250501500450Jan 19Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
Shuswap HustlersC StandardOpenKamloops, BCDirty Jersey PL #108250501500450Jan 16Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
SL8 MastersB OpenOpenNanaimo, BCVIPL #117250501500450Jan 25Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
SnipersB OpenOpenKamloops B.C., BCDirty Jersey PL #108250501500450Jan 10Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
Stix N StonesC StandardOpenPenticton, BCSOPL #112250501500450Jan 02Jan 02Jan 01450Approved
StrokersC StandardStandardPenticton, BCSOPL #112200501500400Jan 01Jan 01Jan 01400Approved
Team Happy Thoughts B OpenOpenCranbrook, BCCranbrook PL #102250501500450Jan 11Jan 11Jan 11450Approved
The Hustlers C StandardOpenChilliwack, BCChilliwack PL #142250501500450Feb 01Feb 01Jan 01450Approved
The Misfits C StandardStandardMission, BCMission PL #129200501500400Nov 21Jan 01Jan 02400Approved
The Other TeamC StandardStandardKamloops, BCDirty Jersey PL #108200501500400Jan 08Jan 01Jan 01400Approved
The Players ClubA AdvancedOpenVancouver, BCBreakers PL #124250501500450Feb 11Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
Those GuysB OpenOpenPenticton, BCSOPL #112250501500450Jan 18Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
Thugs N JugsC StandardStandardMaple Ridge, BCTri-Cities Pool PL #125200501500400Nov 24Jan 01Jan 01400Approved
TNTB OpenOpenCranbrook, BCCranbrook PL #102250501500450Feb 01Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
Tug it or Tap itB OpenOpenPenticton , BCSOPL #112250501500450Jan 01Jan 01Jan 01450Approved
We Got RobbedB OpenStandardCalgary, ABPPL #203200501500400Jan 31Jan 01Jan 01400Approved
We're Solids, Right?C StandardStandardMaple Ridge, BCTri-Cities PL #125200501500400Dec 13Jan 01Jan 01400Approved

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