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All Pool Leagues have Awards and most have a 'Wind Up' Special Function of some kind at the end of each League Session or Year.

  • Usually at least 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place awards are given for both Team and Individual Performance.
  • The Team Awards may be for League Play based on Final Team Standings and also for the Play Offs.
  • The Individual Awards are usually for such things as Most Games Won, Most Points Scored, Most Run Outs, Most Consecutive Wins, etc.
  • Both Team and Individual Awards can include Most Improved or others of dubious distinction.
  • Rather than purchase a few very expensive Awards, it is always better to buy a lot of less expensive ones. It's not really how nice the Award is, it's the fact they got one that counts. More is always better.
  • Be creative with your awards. Some Leagues give out Clothing Apparel instead. It's more useful to the Players and they become a walking advertisement for the League.
  • Unless the League is business based, it is universal that the cost of all Awards is paid for out of general Prize Funds.

  • It is always recommended to arrange for some kind of special 'Wind Up' Function after the Play Offs. It's a great way to congratulate all the Award winners, to hand out all the Prizes, to thank them for participating and to reinforce the feeling that they belonged to something. Everyone in one place at one time to have fun and socialize.
  • These 'Wrap Up' Special Functions can range from an In House based League providing a night of some free snacks and reduced prices on up to the League going all out and renting a Hall, arranging for a Caterer and providing entertainment.
  • Unless a Host Location is providing the Special Function as a way of showing customer appreciation, it is recommended that the cost of the Special Function be paid for out of general Prize Funds. You want everyone to come. If you charge for Tickets, this won't happen.

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