Lucas Hybrid

2012 BRITISH COLUMBIA 8Ball/9Ball Championships

presented by the CCS


New Leagues and New Champions


The 7th Annual Lucasi Hybrid 2012 British Columbia 8/9 Ball Championships, presented by the CCS – Canadian Cue Sport Association, were held February 15-19th at the beautiful Lakeside Resort Hotel & Casino in Penticton BC.


Besides all the very supportive returnees, it was great seeing representation from 7 newly sanctioned leagues from all around BC - Campbell River, Chilliwack, Cranbrook, Kamloops, Kelowna, Powell River and Prince George.


If you like playing competitive Pool in a great atmosphere, the BC’s are the place to come to. That’s entirely due to the efforts of Gord and Subrina Monteith - the organizers, Chris Kelly – the Tournament Director and Jeff Phythian – Head Referee, who once again did their thing and ran a super smooth and fun tourney to play in. Thanks guys (and gal).


A big congratulations to the new Winners, all of whom also receive a paid Entry to the CCS Westerns in Calgary April 25-29th.


Between new players and players stepping up their game, time has shown that it’s very hard to be a repeat winner, as every Division of every Event saw a new Champion!


Well that’s almost true; the standout exception was in the Womens Advanced 8Ball Singles, where the fabled Maryann McConnell continued her great play and dominance by winning her 6th title.


A very well received new feature this year was Paul Potier, BC’s most accomplished pool player, pool instructor and pool entertainer. On Friday and Saturday, Paul spent hours entertaining everyone and providing stroke analysis and personal instruction to one and all.


The CCS thanks the Lakeside Resort Hotel for hosting us and all the Sponsors who help make an Event like this possible – High Country Promotions, Tips Pro Shop, Q’s 4 Less and Classic Leisure.


The CCS especially thanks everyone at Lucasi Hybrid ; a great sponsor with a great line of cues.  Not only do they sponsor every CCS Championship, they also sponsor every  league that sanctions with the CCS in Canada.


The 8th Annual Lucasi Hybrid 2013 British Columbia 8Ball/9Ball Championships will be back in early February at the Lakeside Resort Hotel & Casino in Penticton BC.


Here’s the rundown of what happened in each Event:



A Advanced

No more knocking on the door for this year’s A Champ. In a very tough field, it was an all Penticton Final, with the always hard to beat Jack Ramsay winning out over Rudy Friesen, who’s play was just amazing all week. Keeping them honest was Josh Silva from Prince George (the 2010 Champion) who finished 3rd.


Advancing to the A Advanced Finals by winning the B Open Qualifying was Jim Chrobak from Prince George BC.


B Open

This year’s B Champ looked like a man on a mission and it was mission accomplished. In a very well played Final, it was the determined Matt Bracewell  from Kamloops BC who won out over Jay Scholton from Prince George BC.

Moving on up was Curtis Beech from Victoria BC who finished 3rd.


Advancing to the B Open Finals, by winning the C Standard Qualifying, was Mike Zastre from Penticton BC.


C Standard

In the C Final, I think this year’s winner surprised himself. It was Pat Heisler from Calgary AB who went the distance over the well known and well liked Bob White from Sooke BC.

PJ Drake from Campbell River BC finished 3rd.



This year’s Champ says 9Ball is not his best game but he stepped it up enough to win this year. It was Russ Whittle  (2009 BC 8Ball Champ) from Calgary who edged out local Mike Issack from Penticton BC in a great ‘hill-hill’ Final.

Finishing in 3rd was the straight shooting Phil Tourangeau from Ft. McMurray BC..



A Advanced

The Finals featured another match up of Mary Rayner of Calgary taking on Maryann McConnell of Port Alberni BC (2010 Canadians Champ) in the Finals. Once again, Maryann proved that this is simply her tournament, as she has now won her 6th BC title!

Char Wold of Penticton BC finished 3rd.


Advancing to the A Advanced Finals by winning the B Open Qualifying was Angela Regimbald from Calgary AB.


B Open

It was an all Alberta Final with Yvette Gallant of Calgary winning out over Angela Prokopiuk of Edmonton.

Sandra Shelvey from Comox BC finished 3rd.



A Advanced

After 6 straight tries, this year’s Champ was TeamCanada EH!  from Calgary AB (Captain - Ted Harms, Bob Leonard, Jeff Phythian, Russ Whittle, Phil Tourangeau and Shawn Fleming) who managed to put it all together by going undefeated and winning out in the Finals over the very strong local team Bottom Left  from Penticton BC (Captain - Chris McNeil, Rudy Friesen, Bill Howie, Jack Ramsay and Michael Slack).

Finishing 3rd was The Crooked Stix from Victoria BC (Captain – Curtis Beech, Bob White, James Clapp, William Unwin and Maryann McConnell) who put up a tough fight in every match they played in.


Advancing to the A Advanced Finals by winning the B Open Qualifying was The Crooked Stix  team from Victoria BC.


B Open

It was a ‘company’ team, KFL – Kamloops Ford Lincoln (Captain – Ricco Marshall, George Leroux, Matt Bracewell, Steve Davidson and James Duncan) that won out over The Predators from Calgary AB (Captain – Dave Melnyk, Bill Christensen, Allen Wong, Chase Langevin, Briam Groh and Yvette Gallant).

The Wolf Pack team from Calgary AB (Captain – Steve Free, Glen Gardner, Brian Trudel, Chris Boyd, Wilson Pankrat and Mike Whitegrass) missed the Finals by a whisker and finished 3rd.


Advancing to the B Open Finals by winning the C Standard Qualifying was the Cue’s Your Daddy  team from Penticton BC (Captain –John Bannon, Rob Corbett, Don Ferch, Keith Crow, Al Thompson and Keith Crow ).


C Standard

It was an all Mission BC Final as the Rackateers team (Captain – Rob Riopel, Gus Derewenko, Tom Ferolie, Harry Miko, Jaime Derewenko and Rob McNeil) squared off and won out over their league mates I Love B88BIES (Captain – Dustin Belyea, Kyle McIntosh, Wayne Hansen, Brad Haydu and Jora Sandhu).

The Out Of Order team from Penticton BC (Captain – Andy Swanson, Marlowe Sam, Henry Michel, Alec Gabriel, and Wedo Espanoza ) finished 3rd.



This event consists of 3 player teams playing in a single A/B/C handicapped group.


The Finals featured two very strong teams with Prince George #1 (Captain – Josh Silva, Trevor Lalonde and Myron Gelsinger) turning out to be BC #1 by winning out over 2 Da 9’s from Penticton BC (Captain – Chris McNeil, Jack Ramsay and Rudy Friesen).

Finishing 3rd was the newcomer Vegas Billiards team from Chilliwack BC (Captain – Bob Booth, Gary Sankey and Mike Silvius ) who played great.



A Advanced

It was the dream team of Josh Silva from Prince George BC and Maryann McConnell from Port Alberni who took 1st place money and the Lucasi cues by beating out Ted Harms and Mary Rayner from Calgary AB.



B Open

John Bannon’s quest for a three-peat (all with different partners) came close but in the Finals it was Greg Shelvey and Deb Williams from Comox BC who won out over John from Penticton and Kara Ceschini from Calgary AB.

Finishing 3rd was Bill Blackwell and Rose Kantor from Comox BC.






Lucasi Hybrid

2012 BRITISH COLUMBIA 8Ball Championships

 presented by the CCS


Cash - $2500

Western Entries - $2450

Lucasi Cues - $800


MENS 8Ball SINGLES - $500 Cash Added


A Advanced Finals

1st                    Jack Ramsay                 Penticton BC               $1800+WC Entry ($175)

2                      Rudy Friesen                 Penticton BC               $900    

3                      Josh Silva                     Prince George BC         $450

4                      Shawn Fleming             St. John NL                   $175

B Qualifying Advance to A Finals

1st                    Jim Chrobak                  Prince George BC         $300

2                      Chris Frey                     Prince George BC         $150


B Open Finals

1st                    Matt Bracewell              Kamloops BC                $1400+WC Entry ($175)

2                      Jay Scholton                 Prince George BC         $700

3                      Curtis Beech                 Victoria BC                   $350

4                      Ricco Marshall              Kamloops BC                $150

C Qualifying Advance to B Finals

1st                     Mike Zastre                  Penticton BC                $350

2                       Brian Trudel                 Calgary AB                   $250

3-4                    Greg Shelvey               Courtenay BC               $175

                        Jim Brown                    Campbell River              $175

5-8                   Joe Riddell                   Edmonton AB                $125

                        John Venditti                Lister BC                       $125

                        Andy Swanson             Penticton BC                 $125

                        Eric Rainville                Penticton BC                 $125


C Standard Finals

1st                    Pat Heisler                   Calgary AB                   $1000+WC Entry ($150)

2                      Bob White                    Sooke BC                    $500

3                      PJ Drake                      Campbell River BC        $250

4                      Ed Sharkey                  Campbell River BC        $125




A/B/C Finals       (CA - Race to 7, CB – Race to 6, CC – Race to 5)

1st                    Russ Whittle                Calgary AB                   $800+WC Entry ($100)

2                      Mike Issack                 Penticton BC                $500

3                      Phil Tourangeau           Ft. McMurray BC           $225

4                      Shawn Fleming            St. John NL                   $100                


WOMENS 8Ball SINGLES - $200 Cash Added


A Advanced Finals

1st                    Maryann McConnell      Port Alberni BC             $500+WC Entry ($150)

2                      Mary Rayner                Calgary AB                   $225    

3                      Char Wold                   Penticton BC                 $100

B Qualifying Advance to A Finals

1st                    Angela Regimbald         Calgary AB                   $200

2                      Deb Williams                Courtenay BC               $125


B Open Finals

1st                     Yvette Gallant              Calgary AB                   $400+WC Entry ($150)

2                      Angela Prokopiuk          Edmonton AB               $200

3                      Sandra Shelvey             Courtenay BC               $100




A/B/C Finals       (CA - Race to 10, CB – Race to 8, CC – Race to 7)

1st                    Prince George #1          Prince George BC          $750+WC Entry ($150)

2                      2 Da 9’s                       Penticton BC                 $375

3                      Vegas Billiards CB        Chilliwack BC                $150


MENS/MIXED 8Ball TEAMS - $1000 Cash Added


A Advanced Finals

1st                    Team Canada Eh!          Calgary AB                   $2000+WC Entry ($350)

2                      Bottom Left                   Penticton BC                $1000

3                      The Crooked Stix           Victoria BC                   $350

B Qualifying Advance to A Finals

1st                    The Crooked Stix           Victoria BC                   $400

2                      Big Dogz                      Calgary AB                    $250


B Open Finals

1st                    KFL                              Kamloops BC               $1400+WC Entry ($350)

2                      The Predators               Calgary AB                   $700

3                      Wolf Pack                    Calgary AB                   $300

C Qualifying Advance to B Finals

1st                    Cue’s Your Daddy?        Penticton BC                $400

2                      Avalanche                     Courtenay BC               $300

3-4                   Vegas Billiards              Chilliwack BCC             $200

                        Crazy 8’s                      Campbell River BC        $200


C Standard Finals

1st                    Rackateeers                  Mission BC                   $1100+WC Entry ($300)

2                      I Love B88BIES              Mission BC                   $550

3                      Out Of Order                  Penticton BC                $250


WOMENS 8Ball TEAMS - $800 Cash Added


B Open Finals

1st                    Spare Parts                   Calgary AB                   $850+WC Entry ($300)

2                      Pier Street Ladies          Campbell River BC         $400

3                      Valley Girls                   Penticton BC                 $200




A Advanced Finals

1st                    Josh Silva                     Prince George BC          $150+Lucasi Cues ($800)

                        Maryann McConnell      Port Alberni BC

2                      Ted Harms                    Calgary AB                    $100

                        Mary Rayner                 Calgary AB


B Open Finals

1st                    Greg Shelvey                 Comox BC                   $375+WC Entry ($100)

                        Deb Willimas                Comox BC

2                      John Bannon                Penticton BC                 $250

                        Kara Ceschini               Calgary AB      

3                      Bill Blackwell                Comox BC                    $125

                        Rose Kantor                  Comox BC  












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