Lucasi Hybrid 2011 CCS Western 8 Ball Championship Results

Report by Ted Harms – Canadian Cue Sport Productions


The VI Stickmen – the New Team to Beat


The 9h Annual Lucasi Hybrid CCS Western Canadian 8 Ball Championships were held May 25th – 29that the Acadia Recreation Centre in Calgary AB.


The CCS thanks Lucasi Hybrid as our official National Cue Sponsor. Not only do they sponsor all the CCS Championships in Canada, they also sponsor every league that sanctions with the CCS.


Faced with a ‘perfect storm’ of tourney date conflicts this Championship season, the late May dates for the 2011 CCS Westerns were not by choice. Was the turnout down? Yes, but not as much as expected. Was it better than canceling? Absolutely.


We thank all the CCS Western leagues for their continued support of this long running and very successful tournament.


Rest assured that for 2012 and 2013, the CCS Westerns are back to their normal late April dates, with no tourney conflicts or overlap with anyone.


What didn’t change was the level of competition; it was as fierce as ever in all divisions.


We congratulate the winners in all the Divisions who also won CCS paid entries to the CCS 2012 Westerns in Calgary AB or CCS paid trips to represent the West at the CCS 2012 Canadians in Mississauga ON.


The long distance award most definitely went to three players from northern Quebec who, having missed out on the CCS Canadians this year, decided to come to the CCS Westerns!


Here are the highlights:


Mens Team 9Ball

A new event in 2011, in the Finals it was the team Mixed Nuts of Edmonton AB who won out over All About The Ginger from Vancouver Island BC. It turns out that almost the same players duked it out in the 8Ball Finals.


Mens Team 8Ball

In the A Advanced, it was a two-peat. The VI Stickmen from Vancouver Island BC proved last year’s win was no fluke by beating out a very strong team called Mixed Nuts from Edmonton AB in the Finals. Maybe they should have played a 10 Ball ‘rubber match’.


The B Open was won by Thunder from Calgary AB over the up and coming Powell River Kings from Powell River BC and the C Standard was won by the Five Footers (they had to look up to chalk their cues – just kidding) from Calgary AB over the Maniacs from Regina SK.


Womens Team 8Ball

In the A Advanced, it was Vancouver Island again with the Mid Island Girls coming out on top in an extremely close Finals over the Spare Parts team from Calgary AB.


The B Open was won by Here Fishy Fishy (love that team name) from Calgary AB over the Voo Doo Dolls from Burnaby BC.


Mens Singles 9Ball

It was a member of the Mixed Nuts team, Roger Colbert of Edmonton AB who won out over the 2009 8Ball Champ Russ Whittle of Calgary AB.



Mens Singles 8Ball

In the A Advanced, this year’s winner Russ Whittle of Calgary AB says he’s better at 8Ball. No doubt as he has been in the Finals the last 4 years in a row; a remarkable achievement. Who did he beat? It was the well known Nick Kruger of Penticton BC, the reigning 2011 8Ball and 9Ball BC Champ.


The B Open was won by Chris Carroll of Victoria BC over Bob Jeancart of Edmonton AB and the  C Standard was won by Ned Gordon of Kuujjuaq QC over Richard Baker of Calgary AB.


Womens Singles 8Ball

In the A Advanced, it was the big 3 of Andrea Wilson of Victoria BC, Maryann McConnell of Port Alberni BC and Mary Rayner of Calgary AB duking it out as usual. This year it was Maryann first, Mary second and Andrea third. To be continued…


The B Open was won by Karen Rathlou of Nanaimo BC over Angela Arquette of Fort McMurray BC..


Junior Singles 8Ball

The 18&UnderDivision was won by Justin Beavis of Calgary AB ( 3 time 14& Under Champ) over Shaydon Phillips of Calgary AB.


The 14&Under Division was won by Ethan Manywounds of Calgary AB over Tyler Messereau of Calgary AB.


Scotch Doubles 8Ball

In the A Advanced, the team of Larry and Andrea Wilson from Victoria BC who won out over Nick Kruger from Penticton BC and Mayann McConnell of Port Alberni BC. There probably will come a day that Larry and Andrea don’t win this event; it just doesn’t appear to be in the near future.


The B Open was won by the team of Robert Sinclair and Rae Gartner of Whitehorse YT over the team of Dan Johnson of Calgary AB and Sandi Peterson of Jaffray BC.


Once again, the Tourney was super organized and ran super smooth. That’s no surprise when you have Chris Kelly as the Tournament Director and Jeff Phythian as head of the ACS certified Referee Crew. No issues at all; just lots of good pool.


The Canadian Cue Sport Association wishes to thank:

·         the Acadia Rec Centre for a splendid job in hosting us once again,

·         Hi Country Promotions of Fort Collins, Colorado for the 40 Valley Tables,

·         all the SponsorsLucasi Hybrid, TIPS Cue Services, Q’s 4 Less and Embroidery Classics for helping to make the Tournament a success.


The 10th Annual 2012 CCS Western Championships will be back in Calgary at the Acadia Rec Centre Apr 25th – 29th.


For more information, visit  or call (403) 278-4180.



Men’s 9Ball




1          Roger Colbert              Edmonton                     $700 + 2012 Western Entry ($80)           

2          Russ Whittle                 Calgary                          400

3          Eric Rainville                  Penticton BC                  200

4          Joseph Spence              PrinceGeorge BC            100

5-6        Mike Isaack                   Penticton BC                   60

            Nick Kruger                   Penticton BC                    60



Men’s 8Ball


            A – Advanced


1          Russ Whittle                 Calgary                       $1300 + 2012 Canadians Trip ($575)

2          Nick Kruger                   Penticton BC                    750

3          Stuart Adams                Nanaimo BC                     350

4          Larry Wilson                  Victoria BC                      150


B Qualifying to A 

1          Roger Colbert                Edmonton AB                    300

2          Mike Isaak                    Penticton BC                     150  


            B – Open


1          Chris Carroll                Victoria BC                  $1000 + 2012 A Western Entry ($175)

2          Bob Jeancart                 Edmonton AB                   500

3          Gilles Richard                Edmonton AB                   250

4          Guy Ronald                   Calgary AB                       125


C Qualifying to B

1          Bob Jeancart               Edmonton AB                  300

2          Guy Ronald                   Calgary AB                       200

3-4        Don MacKenzie             Marsh Lake YT                 125

3-4        Lyle Hiltz                       Penticton BC                   125


            C – Standard


1          Ned Gordon                 Kuujjuaq QC                $1000 + 2012 B Westerns Entry ($150)

2          Richard Baker                Calgary AB                      500

3          Robert Sinclair               Whitehorse YT                 350

4          Steve Free                     Calgary AB                      200

5-6       Bill Waldrum                  Edmonton AB                  100

            George Partridge            Kuujjuaq QC                    100




Women’s 8 Ball


            A – Advanced


1          Maryann McConnell     Port Alberni BC            $350 + 2012 Canadians Trip ($550)

2          Mary Rayner                  Calgary AB                      200

3          Andrea Wilson               Victoria BC                      125   


            B– Open


1          Karen Rathlou             Nanaimo BC                  $525 + 2012 A Westerns Entry ($150)

2          Angela Arquette             Fort McMurray BC            350

3          Kristin Prior                   Nanaimo BC                     200

4          Yvette Gallant                Calgary AB                      125



Junior 8 Ball


            18 & Under


1          Justin Beavis               Calgary AB                  Lucasi Cue

2          Shaydon Phillips            Calgary AB

3          Nathan Free                  Calgary


            14 & Under


1          Ethan Manywounds     Calgary AB                  Lucasi Cue

2          Tyler Mesereau              Calgary AB

3          Trent Field                     CalgaryAB



Men’s/Mixed 9Ball




1          Mixed Nuts                   Edmonton AB               $800 + 2012 Westerns Entry ($150)

2          All About The Ginger      Victoria BC                      500

3          Team Canada Eh!          Calgary AB                      300

4          3 Kings                         Calgary AB                      150



Men’s/Mixed 8Ball


            A – Advanced


1          VI Stickmen                 Victoria BC                  $1400 + 2012 Canadians Trip ($2350)

2          Mixed Nuts                    Edmonton AB                  700

3          Team Canada Eh!          Calgary AB                       350


B Qualifying to A

1          Mixed Nuts                   Edmonton AB4              500

2          Vicious Fish                  Victoria BC                      250


            B – Open


1          Thunder                       Calgary AB                  $1000 + 2012 A Westerns Entry ($350)

2          Powell River 8Ball Kings Powell River BC                600

3          Predators                      Calgary AB                      300


C Qualifying to B

1          Big Dogz                      Calgary AB                     400

2          Predators                      Calgary AB                       300

3-4       The Blindsiders              Fort McMurray                  200

            Rack Pack                    Brooks AB                       200


            C – Standard


1          The Five Footers          Calgary AB                  $1000 + 2012 B Westerns Entry ($300)

2          Maniacs                        Regina SK                        550

3          Gym Class Heroes         Edmonton AB                   300

4          Mikisew Hotshots           Fort McMurray AB            200



Women’s 8Ball


            A – Advanced


1          Mid Island Girls            Nanamo BC                     $400 + 2012 Canadians Trip ($1900)

2          Spare Parts                   Calgary AB                         200


            B – Open


1          Here Fishy Fishy          Calgary AB                     $400 + 2012 A Westerns Entry ($300)

2          Voo Doo Dolls               Burnaby BC                       300

3          Finnigans Nice Rack      Edmonton AB                    200




          A – Advanced


1          Larry Wilson                Victoria                            $220 + Lucasi Cues ($700)

            Andrea Wilson              Victoria

2          Nick Kruger                   Penticton BC                       120

            Maryann McConnell       Port Alberni BC             

3          Stuart Adams                Nanaimo BC                         80

            Kristin Prior                   Nanaimo BC


            B – Open


1          Robert Sinclair            Whitehorse YT                 $220 + 2012 A Westerns Entry ($100)

            Rae Gartner                Whitehorse YT             

2          Dan Johnson                 Calgary AB                          110

            Sandi Peterson              Jaffray BC        

3          Robert White                 Sooke BC                             60

            Janice Leask                 Sooke BC


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