Lucasi Hybrid 2012 CCS Western 8/9 Ball Championship Results

Report by Ted Harms – Canadian Cue Sport Productions                          May 25, 2012


Back On Track


The 10h Annual Lucasi Hybrid 2012 CCS Western 8/9 Ball Championships were held April 25th to 29that the Acadia Rec Centre in Calgary AB.


The CCS thanks Lucasi Hybrid as our official National Cue Sponsor. Not only do they sponsor all the CCS Championships in Canada, they also sponsor every CCS league.


Back to our normal dates in late April, it was great seeing the turnout bounce back to 60+ teams along with new representation from leagues in Canmore, Cranbrook, Grande Prairie, Okotoks and St. Paul. Next year, we think it will be 80+.


The long distance award definitely goes to 3 players from the Dooly’s Topsail Road League in St. Johns NL who combined the Westerns with a wedding outside Calgary.


Having been very well received at the CCS 2012 BC Championships in Penticton, the CCS arranged for Paul Potier (BC’s most accomplished pool player, instructor and entertainer) to also be at the Westerns on the Friday and Saturday.  


The Molsons 8Ball League from Regina SK have been a big supporter of the Westerns from day one. This year, they had their best showing ever by claiming 3 titlesMens Open 8Ball Team (CHODA), Mens Standard 8Ball Team (G Men) and Mens Standard 8Ball Singles (John Fazakas). Well done guys.


We congratulate all the winners in all Events who also won CCS added paid entries to the CCS 2013 Westerns in Calgary AB or CCS added paid trips to represent the West at the CCS 2013 Canadians in Mississauga ON.


The Canadian Cue Sport Association wishes to thank:

·         the Acadia Rec Centre for a splendid job in hosting us once again,

·         Hi Country Promotions of Fort Collins, Colorado for the 40 Valley Tables,

·         Chris Kelly , the Tournament Director, and Jeff Phythian, head of the ACS certified Referee Crew for another

·         all the SponsorsLucasi Hybrid, TIPS Cue Services, Q’s 4 Less and Embroidery Classics for helping to make the Tournament a success.


The 11th Annual Lucasi Hybrid 2013 CCS Western 8/9 Ball Championships will be back once again in Calgary at the Acadia Rec Centre from Apr 24th – 28th. For more information, visit  or call (403) 278-4180.


Here are the tourney highlights and all the new Champions:


Mens Singles 9Ball

In the Finals, it was Russ Whittle from Calgary AB looking for the trifecta, having already won the 2012 BC’s and the 2012 Canadians . Not to be. The new Champ is Jonathan Dela Cruz , an up and coming player also from Calgary, who bested everyone and took the Westerns title.


Mens Singles 8Ball

In the A Advanced, this year’s Champ, Mike Aboudaher of Calgary AB took a few years off, but he’s back playing and playing great. His opponent was Garey Kirkland, one of the toughest players to beat in Calgary (or anywhere he’s playing) for the last 20 years.


The B Open was won by Pat Heisler from Calgary AB, fresh off from winning the C Standard in the 2012 BC’s. His opponent, George Goodburn, came all the way from Winnipeg MB and worked his way up from Standard Qualifying.


The C Standard was won by John Fazakas of Regina SK over Jonathan Dela Cruz of Calgary AB.


Womens Singles 8Ball

In the A Advanced, it was Andrea Wilson of Victoria BC who, having just won her 2nd Canadians title in Toronto 3 weeks before, capped off a great year by winning her 5th Westerns title. Coming ever so close in the Finals was the 2008 Champ Toni Sakamoto from Calgary AB.


The B Open was won by Sandi Peterson of Cranbrook BC over Angela Prokopiuk of Edmonton AB.


Junior Singles 8Ball

The 18&UnderDivision was won by Nathan Free of Calgary AB over Jacinda Crowchild of Calgary AB.


The 14&Under Division was won by Ethan Manywounds of Calgary AB (also the 2011 Champ) over Trent Field  of Calgary AB.


Scotch Doubles 8Ball

In the A Advanced, the competition was stronger than ever but, once again, the incomparable husband-wife team of Larry and Andrea Wilson from Victoria BC pulled it off again, for the 4th consecutive time, by beating out the team of Garey Kirkland and Shantelle Farrell from Calgary AB  in the Finals.


The B Open was won by the team of Rob Wright (Surrey BC) and Dawn Alton (Burnaby BC) over the team of Chris Boyd (Calgary AB) and Sandi Peterson (Cranbrook BC).


Mens Team 9Ball

It was the Youz Guys team from Calgary AB, who came out on top over the legendary Team Spain OLA! , also from Calgary AB, in a close and really well played Final.


Mens Team 8Ball

In the A Advanced,Team Spain OLA! of Calgary AB stepped up the pace and went on to claim their 4th Westerns title by beating out fellow league rivals Team Canada Eh! in the Finals.


The B Open was won by CHODA from Regina SK over the Kick Stick team from Calgary AB.


The C Standard was won by the G Men fromRegina SK over the Rack Em Inc team from Cranbrook BC.


Womens Team 8Ball

In the A Advanced, it was the Westside team from Vancouver Island (and Calgary) over the Whiskey Jills teams from Fort McMurray who also won the B Open Qualifier and had a great tourney.


The B Open was won by the Sugar Cues team of Calgary AB over the Finesse teamfrom Edmonton AB.




          MENS SINGLES 9Ball

All Finals

1          Jonathan Dela Cruz     Calgary AB                   $750 + 2013 Western Entry ($100)         

2          Russ Whittle                 CalgaryAB                     500

3          Larry Wilson                  Victoria BC                      300

4          JT Prudhomme              Calgary AB                      150

5-6        Shawn Simpson            Fort McMurray AB           100

            Terry Gulliver                 St.Johns NL                    100

7-8        Brad Kempster              Kamloops BC                    75

            Mike Issack                   Penticton BC                     75


          MENS SINGLES 8Ball

A Advanced Finals

1           Mike Aboudaher           Calgary AB                  $1500 + 2013 Canadians Trip ($575)

2          Garey Kirkland               Calgary AB                        750

3          Larry Wilson                  Victoria BC                       350

4          Andy Chow                    Calgary AB                        175


            B Qualifying to A 

1          Adam Wood                  Calgary AB                         300

2          Corey Pointon                Nanaimo BC                      150  


B Open Finals

1          Pat Heisler                   Calgary AB                  $1100 + 2013 A Western Entry ($175)

2          George Goodburn           Winnipeg MB                     600

3          Mike Issack                   Penticton BC                      300

4          Terry Gulliver                 St.Johns NL                      150


            C Qualifying to B

1          Sam Cardinal                 St.Paul AB                        400

2          George Goodburn           Winnipeg MB                     200

3-4        Colin Lomenda               Okotoks AB                      100

            Pete Holden                  Victoria BC                        100


C Standard Finals

1          John Fazakas              Regina SK                   $1000 + 2013 B Westerns Entry ($150)

2          Jonathan Dela Cruz        Calgary AB                        650

3          Lenny Halfe                   Saddle Lake AB                 450

4          Clint Bearspaw              Calgary AB                        300

5-6        Blaine Marton                Regina SK                         200

            Steve Free                     Calgary AB                        200

7-8        Mike Whitegrass            Lethbridge AB                    125

            Brian Pointon                 Nanaimo BC                      125



          WOMENS SINGLES 8 Ball

A Advanced Finals

1          Andrea Wilson             Victoria BC                  $400 + 2013 Canadians Trip ($550)

2          Toni Sakamoto              Calgary AB                       200

3          Maryann McConnell       Port Alberni BC                 125   


            B Qualifying to A 

1          Vi Masear                     Edmonton AB                   200

2          Shannon Espie              Edmonton AB                   100   


B Open Finals

1          Sandi Peterson            Cranbrook BC              $500 + 2013 A Westerns Entry ($150)

2          Angela Prokopiuk           Edmonton AB                   250

3          Claire Pipestem             Calgary AB                       100


          JUNIOR SINGLES 8 Ball

18 & Under  Finals

1          Nathan Free                 Calgary AB                  Lucasi Cue ($400)

2          Jacinda Crowchild          Calgary AB

3          Mitchell Crouchene        Calgary


14 & Under Finals

1          Ethan Manywounds     Calgary AB                  Lucasi Cue ($400)

2          Trent Field                     Calgary AB

3          BenCrowchild                CalgaryAB


            SCOTCH DOUBLES 8Ball

A Advanced Finals

1          Larry Wilson                Victoria BC                  $320 + Lucasi Cues ($800)

            Andrea Wilson             Victoria BC

2          Garey Kirkland               Calgary AB                      200

            Shantelle FarrellCalgary AB

3          Cory Pointon                  Nanaimo BC                    150

            Maryann McConnell       Port Alberni BC


B Open Finals

1          Rob Wright                  Surrey BC                    $480 + 2013 Westerns A Entry ($150)

            Dawn Alton                  Burnaby BC

2          Chris Boyd                    Calgary AB                      240

            Sandi Peterson              Cranbrook BC

3          Tony Salvati                   Kamloops BC                  100

            Tawnia Cave                  Logan Lake BC


          MENS TEAM 9Ball

All Finals

1          Youz Guys                    Calgary AB                  $900 + 2013 Westerns Entry ($150)

2          Team Spain OLA!           Calgary AB                      550

3          Team Canada 2            Calgary AB                      300

4          VI Stickmen                  Calgary AB                      150


          MENS TEAM 8Ball

A Advanced Finals

1          Team Spain OLA!        Calgary AB                  $1400 + 2013 Canadians Trip ($2350)

2          Team Canada Eh!          Calgary AB                        700

3          VI Stickmen                  Victoria BC                        300


            B Qualifying to A

1          Wolf Pack                     Calgary AB                        400

2          Goodfellas                     Calgary AB                        250


B Open Finals

1          CHODA             Regina SK                   $1100 + 2013 A Westerns Entry ($350)

2          Kick Stick                     Calgary AB                        550

3          Mad Dogz                     Calgary AB                        250


            C Qualifying to B

1          Rack Pack                    Brooks AB                        400

2          8Ball Heroes                  Okotoks AB                      300

3-4        Big Hurt                        Calgary AB                        200

            Rail Birds                      Canmore AB                      200


C Standard Finals

1          G Men                          Regina SK                   $1000 + 2013 B Westerns Entry ($300)

2          Rack Em Inc                 Cranbrook BC                   550

3          Men On A Mission         Grande Prairie AB              300

4          Mikisew Hot Shots         Fort McMurray AB             200


          WOMENS TEAM 8Ball

A Advanced Finals

1          Westside                      Victoria BC                  $400 + 2013 Canadians Trip ($1900)

2          Whiskey Jills                 Fort McMurray AB            300

3          Spare Parts                   Calgary AB                       200


            B Qualifying to A

1          Whiskey Jills                 Fort McMurray AB            300

2          Who, What, Where        Calgary AB                       200


B Open Finals

1          Sugar Cues                  Calgary AB                   $400+ 2013 A Westerns Entry ($300)  

2          Finesse                         Edmonton AB                   300 

3          Venus Envy                   Burnaby BC                      200























































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